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The association has understood the importance of communication on the great predator, very often linked to a purely scientific world and distant from ordinary people.

““I’m not afraid of the wolf” responds actively to media attacks, through a dense communication campaign.

“I am not afraid of the wolf” believes that the communication on the wolf and on great predators is crucial. That is possible only by creating the right climate for coexistence with wildlife, which is very often treated by institutional subjects with purely scientific, arid and distant methods from ordinary people.
The association is therefore experimenting a more direct and involving storytelling, starting from the daily knowledge of the packs in the upper Val Taro and Eastern Alps (subject to monitoring by their volunteers) and the story of their lives that we “spy” mainly through our video-traps.
Among the various activities, the association offers, through its multimedia channels, a lot of video and photographic materials, interviews with stakeholders and educational guides that, in a short time, get thousands of views.
Numerous interviews with breeders in Val Taro, tell the story of how the prevention systems make it possible to live together with the wolf. They have been disseminated on the Facebook page and on the YouTube channel of the association, enjoying success not only in Italy but also in all ‘abroad, pushing “I’m not afraid of the wolf” to make a subtitled version in English.
At the end of 2017 a film was made entitled “Popular Guide to the Return of the Wolf on the Alps” in order to tell about the wolf not only to fans, but to anyone who wants to find out more about the great predator in a territory of new colonization like the Alpine. The video, assembled with educational texts and movies acquired by the association through video-traps, provides simple and clear answers to the most common questions about the predator, eradicating prejudices and false beliefs. It has over 370,000 visualizations. Moreover, through the many activities on the field that involved hundreds of participants, we are trying to give back to the wolf a correct, balanced and scientifically proven image, promoting the use of the means of protection of livestock, useful for the cohabitation in areas at risk.

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