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Eastern Alps

We monitor the presence of the wolf on the territory, in order to obtain data such as the estimate of the wolf population present, evaluate the extension of the packs on the territory and detect the births and the growth of the puppies.

This project, through its network of volunteers, collects and makes available for the institutions the data on the presence of the wolf in the Eastern Alps, concentrating the activity in the Veneto region, in the Lessinia, Col Visentin, Monte Grappa and Asiago plateau areas.

From 2012 the Alps and the pre Eastern Alps, and in particular the Lessinia area, located in Veneto, a few kilometers from the city of Verona, after more than 100 years have seen the return of the great predator. The meeting of the male wolf named “Slavc”, coming from Slovenia thanks to the natural process of dispersion, and the one that was renamed “Giulietta”, a wolf female already stable for some months in that territory.

Foto di Gianluca Schivo

In a few years, starting from 2013, this couple has given birth to different litters that are recolonizing the Eastern Alpine area, bringing the wolf back to territories that have not seen its presence for many years, bringing surprising astonishment but also problems related to coexistence with human activities.
Not only Lessinia, but also the areas of Monte Grappa, Altopiano di Asiago and Col Visentin have thus seen the arrival of the wolf in their territory.
In this context the voluntary activity of our association, through the network of members and enthusiasts, contributes to the monitoring of the wolf in these territories, through the use of video-traps, snow-tracking and other non-invasive sampling methods.
Furthermore, the project is developing and promoting the dissemination of correct informations on the wolf and other wild animals, good practices for the breeding defense and awareness of man-naturecoexistence, communication strategies and educational events. We also promote the conservation of the wolf, support of local business, knowledge of the predator among the common people and the coexistence with human activities.

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