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- Be an active part for the protection of the wolf in Italy by promoting coexistence with human activities.
- Participate in all association activities such as workshops, trekking, etc.
- Attend the association's assemblies.
- Receive the #iononhopauradellupo newsletter


The procedure involves completing the application at the end of the form payment of the fee by credit card / PayPal.<

Important information:
- The non-completion of the payment procedure will invalidate the membership application.
- The membership card it is valid until 31 December of the year of issue.
- The application for association implies knowledge and acceptance of the association statute available in the documents section of this site.
- By associating you will not receive any paper card, as from January 2020 we have suspended the issue in order to avoid unnecessary waste and consumption of paper.

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Also a simple like on our page Facebook o Instagram, or sharing our content is a way to actively help #iononhopauradellupo to make yourself known! Start now!

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Being a member is the best way to actively support #iononhopauradellupo and thus become an active part in the protection of the wolf in Italy.
Also joining is the best way to participate in activities such as workshops and other events reserved exclusively for members.

Make a free donation

Even a simple donation, be it in cash (through this link) or in material goods that you think can be useful to us, it's a great way to support #iononhopauradellupo.

Are you a company? Become a partner.

As a company you have the opportunity to support us through donations in cash, in technical material and through the project OnePercentForThePlanet that connects associations like ours to companies that want to donate1% of their revenues for an environmental cause.
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Give us your professionalism.

Put a few hours of your profession in the service of #iononhopauradellupo it is a fantastic way to help us complete our projects.
Write to us to send your application.

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