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Photo by Francesco Romito




In May 2016, after a series of national media attacks on the "danger" that the wolf would have posed for the inhabitants of the Val Taro, in the upper Northern Apennines, a group of inhabitants of the area has decided to respond actively, gathering in an association whose name is its declaration of intent: "I am not afraid of the wolf".

Since its inception, the association has been active on several fronts: the dissemination of correct information on the wolf and the large fauna in a context that favors coexistence with human activities, in carrying out wolf monitoring projects in the Apennines and in the Alps. through non-invasive investigation methods, and in communication campaigns through traditional and multimedia means through a social platform with over 80.000 followers in order to publish informative material, providing food for thought and opening the discussion for a peaceful comparison.
It organizes educational workshops reserved for its members, combining outdoor experiences and training activities, thanks to the participation of experts.
It organizes events dedicated to citizens, breeders and all stakeholders who may come into conflict with the wolf and other wild animals.
He shares the life experience of his associates, from the mountains to the cities, trying to promote respect for nature.
In a few years of activity the results obtained, the number of people from all over Italy brought to live the "hot" territories for the wolf, the days dedicated to showing techniques for the protection of pets, as well as the days spent on the tracks of the wolf and other wild animals were such that they were absolutely not predictable when the association was established, exceeding all expectations.

Daniele Ecotti


Founding Member
Tornolo, Parma

Born and raised in Milan, a computer scientist, he "escapes" from the city at the age of twenty-one to live in the mountains of agriculture and breeding by cultivating with organic and natural methods and raising for over ten years grazing cattle to produce raw milk cheeses.
He has actively dealt with the protection of the peasant world from overwhelming community regulations, for the recognition and maintenance of traditional production and self-production of native seeds and breeds.
Since 2010 he has lived in the Taro valley, in the Parma Apennines, where he produces vegetables and collects products from the undergrowth.
Always passionate and curious about nature, mountains and photography, very attentive to all environmental issues, in 2014 he began to take an in-depth interest in the wolf, attending various courses, studying as a self-taught, comparing himself with the main experts and scholars in Italy and with a lot of experience gained in the field.
In 2016 he founded the association and mainly deals with the various monitoring and research activities on wolves and other large mammals, to act as a guide for the various naturalistic activities organized and to share his experience to encourage the coexistence between fauna and human activities.

Francesco Romito

Vice president

Communication Manager

Passionate about the environment and nature, he moves between the Alps and the Apennines in search of the wolf and its signs of presence. Since 2014 he has been investigating the presence of the predator in the Eastern Alps, first in Lessinia and subsequently in other areas of Veneto and Trentino. Trained through intense experience in the field, he has participated in different specific training courses, has been a volunteer for some National Parks, for the Life Wolf Alps Project, is a volunteer for the monitoring of Large Carnivores for the MUSE of Trento and the Autonomous Province, collaborates with the Wolf Monitoring Network of the Veneto Region and with the other authorities responsible for monitoring the species in the Eastern Alps. He works in the world of communication and image, dedicating himself in recent years to nature photography. He puts his professionalism at the service of the association I am not afraid of the wolf of which he is also vice president.

Guido Sardella

Board Member

Founding Member
Borgo Val di Taro, Parma

Guido Sardella, born in 1967, born in Valtar, has shown a deep passion for nature since childhood, which he loves to observe (dedicating himself especially to avifauna, amphibians, butterflies and mosses) and to capture both through drawing and photography, which he began practicing with the reflex and telephoto lens at the age of 13.
He has collaborated in the creation of the Ghirardi Oasis since 1983 first as a volunteer for the LIPU and then professionally on behalf of WWF Italy, today he deals with environmental interpretation, creating didactic / informative installations for Parks and Museums and illustrations and infographics for publications with a character environmental.
Since 2006 he has returned to take care of the Ghirardis, as manager of the WWF Oasis and coordinator, since 2011, of the Regional Nature Reserve, a voluntary activity that supports the professional activity of illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, nature guide and environmental educator.

Elena Gabbi

Board Member

Founding Member
Borgo Val di Taro, Parma

Originally from Parma city, passionate about dogs and horses since she was a child, over time she carries out activities of responsibility in horse farms and dog centers.
In 2003 the passion for sheep and sheepdog led her to a change of life and moved to the mountains with her partner Roberto Mangia, where they started a breeding of sheep, goats and cows with the production of organic cheeses.
In 2004 he underwent three wolf predations and inserted Maremmano-Abruzzesi shepherds purchased from a farm in Abruzzo into the flock.
Thus was born a great passion for guard dogs and directly experiences prevention practices.
Since 2015 he has lived in the Ghirardi Regional Nature Reserve where he collaborates with the WWF in projects on the biodiversity of pasture.
It offers its experience of coexistence to those who request information and advice, and deals with the didactics related to the preparation of AIGAE guides, tourists and families for the meeting with the flock with guardian dogs.
Very close to the problems of breeders, she is convinced that a deep knowledge, a good prevention is the solution for a coexistence with the wild world.

Maria Chiara Valenti

Board Member

Borgo Val di Taro

Born in Parma, from an early age she often frequented the Val Taro, based in an old family home and following her parents during their walks in the mountains.
Growing up, her interest in nature and love for her territory led her to graduate in Natural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Parma, to then complete her studies with the Specialized Degree Course in Ecology and Conservation of Nature, always at the same university, carrying out the final internship in the Ghirardi Regional Nature Reserve.
Since 2018, the year in which he obtained the qualification as an Environmental Hiking Guide, he has been trying to pass on to others his passion for the natural environment and its inhabitants.
Particularly interested in the relationships that exist between humans and wild animals, she is attending an inter-university master in Management and Conservation of the Environment and Fauna.

Christian Schoolboy

Secretariat and logistics


Cristiana was born and raised in Milan and lived for some time in the United States. From an early age she spends her summer holidays and free time in the mountains of Trentino and the Piacenza Apennines. Thanks to her father who transmits her love for nature, she becomes passionate about wildlife, spending a lot of time in the woods discovering every footprint and signs of passage of any animal. Particularly interested in the healing power of the natural environment for humans, in 2020 she moved to Lessinia where she is creating a holistic hospitality business.

some of our volunteers working in the field ...

They make this possible thanks to the time, passion, enthusiasm and professionalism that they make available to the association, actively contributing to the various monitoring and research projects in which we are engaged, to the preparation and analysis of the data collected, to the various paperwork, to fundraising. , to the organization and management of events and activities, to share new ideas and new projects.

Alessandrini Chiara

Alessia Dirella

Simone Giosso
La Spezia

Giuseppe Listorti
Cavalese, Trento

Ludovica Barbieri

Simone Gabrielli

Andrea Leva

Heidi Dal Tio

Antonio Galletti

Carlo Raineri

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