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Association documents

Author: Association I am not afraid of the wolf
Title: Association Statute

Author: Association I am not afraid of the wolf
Title: Resolution & Scientific Committee Regulations

Associative Report

Author: Association I am not afraid of the wolf
Title: Associative Report and monitoring 2016/2017

Financial balance sheets

Reference year: 2019
Title: Final Balance 2019
Reference year: 2018
Title: Final Balance 2018

Reference year: 2017
Title: Final Balance 2017

Reference year: 2016
Title: Final Balance 2016

Recommended readings

Author: Marucco F., E. Advinelli, B. Bassano, R. Bionda, F. Bisi, S. Calderola, C. Chioso, U. Fattori, L. Pedrotti, D. Righetti, E. Rossi, E. Tironi, F. Truc and K. Pilgrim, Engkjer C., Schwartz M (2018).
Title: The wolf population in the Italian Alps 2014-2018. Technical report, LIFE 12 Project NAT / IT / 00080 WOLFALPS - Action A4 and D1.

Author: Emilia Romagna region
Title: Technical update on the status and distribution of the Wolf in Emilia-Romagna (2014)

Author: Autonomous Province of Trento
Title: Large Carnivores Report 2018

Author: Maria S. Calabrese
Title: Historical traces of the wolf's presence in Trentino (XV – XIX century)

Author: Filippo Favilli - Eurac Research
Title: Dossier: The wolf in South Tyrol

Author: LIFE Medwolf
Title: Final report of the project

Author: Antonio Vareschi
Title: Wolf monitoring techniques (Canis lupus, L.) on the territory: practical applications to the Branco dei Monti Lessini

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