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Coexistence Festival is less than a month away, an event dedicated to the theme of coexistence between man and wildlife, with particular reference to the large carnivores of the Alps.

The Coexistence festival will be held on 2, 3 and 4 September on the Lessinia Plateau, immersed in an area rich in naturalistic beauty, but also in history and traditions. Three days of engaging outdoor activities including cinema, walks, family workshops, scientific cafes, theater and much more.
The event is organized by Pams Foundation, by the Association of Social Promotion I am not afraid of the wolf, together with the Large Carnivores Group of the CAI, the Cultural Association Forte delle Benne, with the patronage of CAI Club Alpino Italiano and with the support of the Caritro Foundation.
What happens when the wolf, the bear, the lynx or the golden jackal arrives in a territory? How does the life of those who live there change, what challenges do they face and what do we need to learn to be able to share the territory with these ancient / new neighbors? The Coexistence Festival will allow to address these delicate and interesting themes by analyzing the past, exploring the present and hypothesizing the future.
Through cinema, theater, archeology, writing workshops, painting, scientific cafes and much more, the Festival will be a three-day 'journey', from dawn to sunset, where everyone, having fun, will find ideas to approach the theme of coexistence. Three days will be open and dedicated to everyone with activities designed to meet different targets and expectations.
To animate the Festival will be the words of the charismatic Emanuele Biggi, naturalist, photographer and co-host of the Rai Geo television program since 2013 who will talk with the experts of the Stelvio National Park on the theme: public, coexistence and perception. Riccardo Rao, associate professor of Medieval History at the University of Bergamo, author of the book “Il tempo dei lupi” will accompany the public into the world of literature dedicated to the wolf and the history of its relationship with man. Those who wish will be able to experience creative writing techniques firsthand or let themselves be excited by the evening readings around the fire. Lorenzo Dotti, author and illustrator, will take the public on a journey of coexistence and art: narrating nature with pencil and brushes. The cinema will talk about coexistence through the eyes of Federico Betta, author of 'The frequentation of the bear', a documentary awarded at the latest edition of the Trento Film Festival.
The interventions of wildlife experts, experts from the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and the Stelvio National Park will help to reflect on the ecological and environmental value of the fauna in the area. Archaeologists will give a historical perspective on the relationship our ancestors had with wild animals. Educators will bring the little ones closer to the theme of coexistence with fun and interactive workshops. The environmental guides and mid-mountain companions will guide those present on thematic excursions in the area. Several debates are scheduled to understand and deepen the technique of prevention and protection measures against wolf attacks.
Breeders, environmental groups and representatives of the hunting world will give voice to the event to present a plurality as wide as possible of positions and points of view with the aim of offering a realistic cross-section and as complete a picture as possible of the problems to be faced in the area.
There will be convivial moments, tasting local products and craft beers.
Why was the Lessinia Plateau chosen? Because this territory has a particular role in the story of coexistence and for the great contrasts that the return of predators has generated here. Indeed, it was here 10 years ago that the wolf consolidated its return to the Eastern Alps.

The Festival will be hosted in suggestive structures of the plateau located in the Municipalities of Ala and Erbezzo: Monti Lessini Restaurant, Valbella Refuge, The Baito di Erbezzo dairy. With this first edition, the Coexistence Festival presents itself as an innovative format, with the ambition of becoming an annual event to grow and enrich with the contributions of all its participants. The Caritro Foundation initiative, the CAI Large Carnivores Group, Patagonia, LIFE WolfAlps EU, Birrificio Birra del Bosco, Outdoor Manifesto, Cascada, Calze GM, Ursus Adventures Rafting & Outdoor Center Val di Sole, Quelle del Baito, AIGAE Italian Association support the initiative. Environmental Hiking Guides, Idea Monatagna Editore, Natcom, Forte delle Benne cultural association. Media partner of the event La Rivista della Natura. Participation is free for all festival events and the complete program of events is published on: For information:
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