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I'm not afraid of the wolf actively responds to media attacks through communication campaigns.

#iononhopauradellupo considers communication on the wolf and large predators crucial in creating the right climate for coexistence with wildlife, but very often we believe that it is treated by institutional subjects in purely scientific ways, arid and distant from ordinary people.
The association is therefore experiencing one wildlife storytelling more direct and involving starting from the knowledge of the flocks present in Alta Val Taro and the Eastern Alps, subject to monitoring by their volunteers, and the story of their daily life.
Among the various activities carried out, the association proposes video and photographic material through its multimedia channels, interviews with stakeholders and educational guides who, in a short time, obtain hundreds of thousands of views.
In addition, through the field activities involving many participants, the association is trying to give the wolf a correct, balanced and scientifically proven image, encouraging the dissemination of correct information.

Active Projects

Coexistence is possible
Promoting coexistence between human activities and the presence of the wolf is the aim of this project, developed through a vast series of field actions, the organization of public events and assistance to shepherds. This is our most important and continuously developing project.
The journey of the wolf
A series of events open to the public to answer what are the most common questions about the wolf and to dispel myths and legends about the return of the great predator.

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Wool for the Wolf
Details soon.

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