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The Association I'm not afraid of the wolf deals with promoting coexistence between the wolf and human activities, with research projects in the field and more generally works for the protection of the wolf in Italy and for its knowledge.
Wolf research and monitoring activities are mainly based on the use of "photo-video traps", cameras that are left in the woods and which are activated automatically when animals pass, recording photos or videos in a very discreet way and without causing disturbance to animals.

Over the years, the images collected by the association, published frequently by the same, have totaled millions of views and have been published by all the main Italian newspapers.
Although all the equipment is secured with chains and padlocks and is identifiable, starting from 2016 in the territory of the upper Val Taro, in the Province of Parma, the association has suffered over 45 thefts of these instruments, with an estimated damage of almost € 8.000, an enormous figure for an association of volunteers.
An unsustainable damage, which makes field work very difficult and substantially limits the possibility of collecting data.


The presence on the territory of the volunteers of I am not afraid of the wolf, together with the rigorous collection of data, is fundamental because it allows both to exercise a control over the territory and to acquire a lot of video material, a formidable tool to reach people's hearts and raise awareness on these issues, allowing the association to increase knowledge about the predator, disseminate correct information and be at the forefront to promote the coexistence between wildlife and human activities.
With this fundraiser launched on the GOFUNDME platform, the association not only wants to denounce this situation which has now reached its limit, but wants to raise new funds to purchase 30 new photos / video traps and the material needed to make them work (batteries, memory cards, security padlocks, GSM sim), in order to adequately cover the territory affected by the monitoring activities which at this moment is unfortunately discovered due to the thefts suffered.
Furthermore, thanks to the new technologies available, the association with these funds would like to purchase tools that, in the event of theft or tampering, will allow the competent authorities to trace the perpetrators, discouraging the repetition of these thefts.


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