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Wolf (Canis lupus) photo by Francesco Romito


I am not afraid of the wolf comes from mountain people and is inspired by the principles of democracy, equality, freedom of thought and, through targeted actions, wants to ensure a stable future not only for the wolf, but also for man, the environment and all animal and plant species, promoting the development and protection of biodiversity.

Farmers, breeders, simple enthusiasts and nature professionals gathered under the same name and united by a shared feeling for the protection of nature and its inhabitants.

Through our activism we want favor the conservation of the wolf on the Italian territory, improving its acceptance among the stakeholders who have to live with it.

Monitor the presence of the wolf in the area in order to increase the collective knowledge of the species, actively collaborating on the field with all the institutional actors involved.

Promote the conservation of pastoralism and breeding activities through the dissemination and adoption of means of prevention for attacks by predators.

Enhance those who practice sustainable breeding methods and respectful of the environment and predators, promoting knowledge among the public.

Promote Rewilding processes that aim to create or preserve ecological corridors and areas of naturalistic interest

Increase popular knowledge of the wolf and all other wildlife through awareness campaigns, communication and field activities.

Spread correct practices of approach to nature in the community respecting it and the fauna that lives there.

Ebe an independent reference point on the wolf open to all citizens for the purpose of collecting information and reports.

Dialogue with institutions in order to encourage them to encourage coexistence between wolf and man.

Actively oppose those who exploit the theme of large predators (wolf, bear, etc.) to pursue electoral and political purposes.

Counteracting bad information media coverage of wolves and large predators.

Communicate and discuss with the hunting world and with all the stakeholders who come into contact every day with the presence of the wolf and with the problems deriving from it.

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