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We monitor the presence of the wolf on the territory, in order to obtain data such as the estimate of the population present, evaluate the extension of the flocks in the territory and detect the births and growth of the puppies.

Monitoring on the wolf arises from the need to respond to media attacks with real data on the consistency of the species in the area.
The environmental activism of #iononhopauradellupo departs in 2016 in Val Taro, a territory of large woods, streams, steep cliffs and green pastures that rises in the province of Parma, between the Ligurian Sea and the Po Valley, in the Northern Apennines.
Here the return of the wolf was experienced with surprise and emotion, but also with fear and misinformation, due to the conflict with the activities of the breeders and with the world of hunting.
In this territory, today more than ever, an investigation into the presence of the large predator is indispensable, given that no institutional activity for monitoring the species is underway in this portion of the Apennines outside that carried out by our association.
Not only the Apennine areas, also the Alps and Eastern Pre-Alps are the field of action of the investigation activities of #iononhopauradellupo that through the network of members and volunteers contributes to the monitoring of the wolf on thePlateau of Lessinia in the province of Verona, on the Monte Grappa, In 'Asiago plateau and on Col Visentin in the province of Belluno, areas that have only recently experienced the natural return of the wolf, an animal often little known, sometimes the victim of a ruthless poaching, continuously subjected to a media campaign that tends to discredit its important ecological role, fostering false myths and fears.
Supports #iononhopauradellupo, you will be able to get to know the life and stories of the great predator up close and at the same time be an active part in safeguarding it.

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