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Monitoring in upper Taro Valley

We monitor the presence of the wolf on the territory, in order to obtain data such as the estimate of the population, evaluate the extension of the packs on the territory and detect the births and the growth of the puppies.

This project aims to discover and tell the stories of the wolves that inhabit the upper Taro River Valley, an extended and wild territory in the province of Parma, in the Northern Apennines.

The wolf, a protected species, wild animal of great charm, often a bearer of conflicts with human activities, is natu- rally expanding throughout the Italian territory, and has also found space in the Taro Valley, a place of large forests, streams, steep cliffs and green pastures that rises between the Ligurian Sea and the Po Valley, in the Northern Apennines.

Here the return of the wolf was experienced with surprise and emotion, but also with fear and misinformation, due to the conflict with the activities of breeders and hunters.
Today, more than ever, an investigation into the presence of the great predator is essential, because no institutional activity of monitoring is ongoing in this portion of the Apennines.
In this context, in 2016, the association “I am not afraid of the wolf” was born.
The first commitment was to launch a wolf monitoring initiative through the use of non-invasive sampling methods, analyzing a small area of the territory, in order to know, through the images, the wolf population.
This activity has allowed us to discover and tell the stories of some of the wolves that inhabit the valley: Codino, Sottiletta, Zena, Recco, Ombra, are just some of the names which the association gave to the observed wolves.
This monitoring activity, currently under way, makes this project the first example in Italy of simple citizens who actively contribute to the safeguard of a crucial importance species such as the Apennine wolf.
An animal often unknown, sometimes victim of a ruthless poaching, continually subjected to a media campaign that tends to discredit its important ecological role, fomenting myths and fears.
By supporting “I am not afraid of the wolf”, you will be able to know closely the life and the stories of the great predator and be at the same time an active part of its safeguard.

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