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La European Alliance for Wolf Conservation (EAWC) is a platform shared between organizations belonging to different European states, which support, on behalf of civil society and the scientific community, a more efficient wolf conservation model and a more rigorous application of the environmental policies of the European Union, calling for greater compliance with the rules Community, in compliance with the "Habitats Directive" and in the context of the "Berne Convention".

Founded in 2015 by associations Ferus (France), Lobo Marley (Spain) e ZooLogical (Portugal), today includes representatives of associations FFW Luchs- und Wolfsschutz Bayerischer Wald (Germany), Natagora (Belgium), Luonto Liito (Finland), Swiss Wolf Group (Switzerland), Ulvetid (Denmark), Svenska Rovdjursföreningen (Sweden), NOAH (Norway), Eesti Suurkiskjad (Estonia), Stichting Wolf Nederland (Holland) together with the Italian representation of I am not afraid of the wolf. Accredited as an official contact and heard several times on the wolf theme at the European Community, EAWC offers a support structure to all European NGOs involved in wolf conservation.
Among its initiatives, explained in the Helsiki Manifesto made in 2019 and also signed by I'm not afraid of the wolf, EAWC supports the ineffectiveness of lethal methods in order to favor the prevention of damage, promotes the adoption of proactive and innovative prevention measures in order to mitigate the conflict with large predators and endeavors to ensure that compensation is subject to the application of the means of prevention. Among the objectives of EAWC there is that of encouraging the natural dispersal of the wolf at European level, of fundamental importance for ecosystems and decisive for the genetic vitality of the species in the long term, just as many initiatives are directed towards administrations, inviting them to provide clear and accurate information on the status of wolf populations, how they are managed and their positive role in the ecosystem, reiterating that the need to inform the public about large carnivores must be a joint task and responsibility of governments and associations. Furthermore EAWC calls on the EU authorities to define a European-wide strategy for wolf management that includes a clearer definition of key concepts, including: 'what is the favorable conservation status'; "What are the minimum standards for the protection of livestock and preventive measures"; “What is a confident wolf”; "What is the appropriate livestock damage compensation system".

As stated by the board of the association:
To date the European Alliance for Wolf Conservation represents the most important action group on a European scale dedicated to issues related to the conservation and management of the wolf, one of the most important challenges shared by many of the countries of the Union, and will be the task of I'm not afraid of the wolf offer its contribution in order to pursue its statutory aims and work together with other organizations to ensure a future for the species throughout Europe.


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