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Today the Association "I am not afraid of the wolf" publishes "Knowing the wolf" small vade mecum information to find out how the predator lives, how it behaves and how to relate to it ". A free 40-page document created thanks to the support of the scientific committee and the board of directors freely available in PDF and soon distributed in paper format created for the purpose of telling the wolf in a simple way in our country by stimulating coexistence with it.

The idea of ​​creating a small vademecum with basic information to learn about and coexist with the wolf was born from the need to answer the numerous questions that as an association we have often been asked to ask. The presence of the predator, now widespread throughout our country, generates strong emotions in people that are often opposed, which make it necessary to offer both citizens and visitors to natural environments the tools to learn about this large carnivore in order to relate to it in a conscious way. .
With this little one vade mecum we have tried to offer clear and simple answers to the most common questions to understand the life of the wolf and its relationship with us, indicating some rules of behavior that nowadays it will be increasingly necessary to follow, thus trying to offer a balanced vision on the problems that it can generate, especially in conflict with breeding activities, often those most affected by the return of the wolf.
The topics covered are by their nature complex, broad and very often variable topics depending on the context, for this reason we have decided to offer a direct and as general answer to each question, suitable for the whole country, from the peaks of the Alps to the beaches. of the south.
In closing, we hope you enjoy this little vade mecum, created and distributed free of charge by our association, can become a useful tool to carry with you and to share with others in order to generate in people the best antidote to disinformation, that of knowledge.

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