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“The Coexistence Fund” (The fund for coexistence) is an “instrumental fund” that collects and distributes technical material, created with the aim of promoting coexistence with large carnivores.

It is dedicated to small and medium-sized farmers with an eye towards those who cannot take advantage of institutional aid due to the nature, sometimes hobbyist, in the management of their farm animals.

Thanks to the establishment of this fund, we deliver free to breeders equipment useful for improving prevention systems against attacks by predators, signs for the management of LGDs, and more generally, through its maintenance, we will try to give a small contribution by supporting those who choose the path of coexistence.

Furthermore, among the aims of this project, we will work in order to create a network between virtuous breeders, favoring the exchange and reuse of livestock material that will be made available again when it is no longer used, for example in the case of those who use this material only in certain periods of the year, such as that of the mountain pastures.

The project has been underway for a few months and soon we will tell you some of the stories we have decided to support.

The fund aims to help as many breeders as possible, but due to limited resources it will not be possible to help all those who apply, in any case all those who are interested in being part of it and who also want to tell us their story of coexistence will be able to write to us to

Furthermore, if you are a citizen or a company you can support the project through direct donations or technical material, contact us.

Coexistence is possible!